2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009   - OVER on 9/14/2009
Hi,  I'm Jake Orbin,  
Jay's brother

Park Manager for
Balboa & Mission
Bay Parks in San
Diego.  I  relocated
to Phoenix to close
Jay's business and
prepare for the
upcoming trial set
for Jan 2009..

Photo to the left
Jake, and Noah, Jay's
Son  December 2007

Lower photo
Jay and Noah working on
a puzzle in 2003
10.23.04  Jay's body was found
2.14.07  Web page is set up for Tribute to Jay, introduce us and update all his friends.
2.1.05  We locked up business awaiting trial until 2009
12.6.04  The suspect  Marjorie was arrested and is in jail without bail for the last (5) five plus  years
9.21.04 Jay was reported missing Not heard from since 9/8/04
1.1.07  took a leave of absence from the City of S D and  returned to inventory the warehouse
Dec. 2008 We now await a possible Plea Bargain hearing or the trial.  Jury selection is set for December 15-19th.  
Holiday break and return Jan 6th.    Trial should start late January 2009
5-8-07  At Pre trial conference, the Defense asked for another delay in the trail.  It now looks like 2008.
4.5.07   Pre-trial conference, defense attorney indicates he is still not ready for trail and needs to
interview more subjects.
6/8/07, Today the first  Defense Attorney removed himself from the case, couldn't agree with Marjorie
7/13/07  Today's conference was postponed to Aug 31, 07   we wait for jury trial in late 2008..
Aug 2007   More Delays,  2nd defense attorney is asking to be dismissed from the case.  They claim there is a conflict of interest with a Public
defender in their office and the family.   
Sept 2007,  The 3rd Defense Attorney is filing to be removed due to a conflict. One of their attorneys used to work for Jay and I.   We are now
set for a bail hearing on Sept 28 and a pre trial conference on Sept 14th.  At this point I don't think she will have a 4th public defender in place
and up to speed to meet those dates.
New defense starts Sept 14 07.  First motion is to move back the bail or bond  hearing.  Now set for Nov. 2, 07. The 4th appointed attorney.
July 2008 -  Lots of activity starting,   Aug. 15  Resolution settlement conference is cancelled,  Set for October 3rd. Sept. 26 and  Nov 14  are for
status conferences.  Dec 5 is oral argument, and trial set for Dec.15th. But with the holidays,  I expect it to get started in Feb 2009.
Witness granted immunity to testify in 2004 ‘torso’ murder
Former Vegas showgirl charged with murder and dismemberment of ex-husband
By Linda Bentley

PHOENIX – On Oct. 23, 2004 Jay Orbin’s headless torso was discovered in a Rubbermaid trash can in the desert at the southeast corner of Tatum and Dynamite
boulevards.     The Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office believed Orbin’s body was frozen after being shot and subsequently dismembered. His head and limbs
have never been found.
His ex-wife Marjorie Ann Orbin, 45, a former Las Vegas showgirl and chorographer, filed a missing persons report on Sept. 22, 2004, claiming she last saw him on
their son’s birthday Aug. 28 and that he left town afterward on business.
Orbin ran a successful Native American art dealership, Jay Hawk International, and traveled frequently, selling to galleries across the country.
He married Marjorie in Las Vegas in 1995 before she moved to Phoenix in 1996 when their son was born.
Although they divorced in 1997, police speculate it was only to protect Orbin’s assets, citing Marjorie may have been having some problems with the IRS, as the
couple continued living together until his death.
Marjorie became an early suspect in the case as numerous clues kept turning up during the investigation that pointed to her.
Although she claimed Orbin was out of town on business, records indicate his credit card was used in Phoenix on Sept. 8.
On Sept. 9, Marjorie began liquidating Orbin’s assets and draining his bank accounts.
While she was listed as the beneficiary on insurance policies totaling $1 million, she was not authorized to use his credit cards. However, records indicated she had
been using them for a decade.
Marjorie was captured on video Sept. 10 at a Scottsdale Lowe’s store using Orbin’s credit card to purchase two Rubbermaid trash cans, exactly the color and type,
including the UPC Code, in which Orbin’s torso was found, and black plastic bags, consistent with type used.
Two days after Orbin’s torso was discovered, his Bronco, which was also reported missing, was found less than a half mile from their home, and witnesses said a
woman matching Marjorie’s description was seen near the Bronco after Sept. 8. Phoenix Police Detective Barnes, while searching Orbin’s business in Phoenix,
found a package of jigsaw blades with two blades missing.
According to the medical examiner’s office, the blades matched the pattern on Orbin’s body.
Marjorie was arrested on Dec. 6, 2004 at her home on north 55th Street and charged with homicide.
In early 2005, County Attorney Andrew Thomas filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty for Marjorie, who has been held without bond in Maricopa County Jail
while awaiting trial.
In April 2006, additional charges were filed against Marjorie for fraud and theft in connection with the murder.
Records also indicate Marjorie was dating a man named Larry Weisberg during the three months prior to her arrest and whom police considered to be an
investigative lead at the time but not a suspect.
Last Wednesday there was a new twist in the case. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Richard Trujillo granted a Petition for Use Immunity for Weisberg’s
testimony in the case.
Use immunity basically prohibits the prosecution from using the witness’ testimony against him in any criminal proceeding. However, use immunity does not prevent
the prosecution from charging the witness with the crime that was the subject of his testimony or taking any other action against the witness. It is only an agreement
not to use his testimony against him.
A settlement conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. this Friday before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Mark Aceto. Marjorie’s case has numerous similarities to
the Valerie Pape case, the Scottsdale hairdresser and French citizen, dubbed the “Torso Killer,” after pleading guilty to second degree murder of her husband Ira,
October 2008  Defense gave up on trying to talk with Noah.  The Oct 10th court date was just set for judge to rule if 2nd requested
evidentiary hearing should be allowed.    In January 2008,  A Judge already ruled that she is to continue to be held non bondable.
The Opening argument started on 1/29/09.  The process is estimated to last about
three to four months. The court times are half days from 12:30 to 5:00 PM Mon - Thurs.
Feb,  We are in the 3rd week of Witness and Evidence phase from the Prosecution.   
Defense states her defense will be third party culprit
Below is an article from the Sonoran news,  Plus a link to the East Valley tribune comparing this murder to one several years earlier in the same area.
March 25, 09,  the State  District Attorney is postponing his ankle  surgery and we
restarted the trial.
Jan. 15. 2010,  Marjorie is sentenced to Natural life in prison without parole.
Delay in the sentenceng was due to 5 mistrial motions.  Once reviewed and
denied.  The judge carried out the jury's decisions.  Justice served...

Sept 30, 2009,  the Jury gave Marjorie Life in Prison.  She will spend the rest of her
life waking up in prison each day.  

Sept  14th,  WE have a Verdict.  GUILTY!      The jury voted guilty five times.  Guilty,
First degree premeditated murder.  Guilty two times for theft  and Guilty two times
for fraudulent schemes.   Thank you all for your prayers and support during this
difficult time.   It is over.   The final phase is for the jury to decide if she gets the
Death penalty or life in prison.   Guilty was our main target we need to move
forward.   Thank you one and all for hanging in there and being our support.   

Closing arguments ended day on 9/1/09  Jury started deliberation on 9/2 for 3 hour, and 3
more hours on 9/4,  They took off 9/5 Friday and are off till 9/14.   Five years have passed
since Jay's Murder and birthday on 9/8.   
The jury did not come back 9/8 due to a juror was sick,  still out 9/9, 9/10 and now
scheduled to be back on 9/14
when we get a Guilty Verdict.
Aug 3rd we come back to find another delay till Aug 24th.  
May 24,   The New DA streamlined the witness list and is laying down the facts.  
May 11th,  The trial restarted with new District Attorney,  The judge gave her two weeks to
read thru 10,000 plus pages of discovery,  2,000 pages of previous testimony and move
forward on this case.
April,  1st DA is hospitalized needing surgery and could not return to the case.